Aalaap Ghag

I make web things and break other things.


I enjoy working on the serverless cloud and the edge - AWS (mainly Lambda, Amplify and DynamoDB), Vercel, Deno Deploy, Netlify, Cloudflare Workers and many other things. I love working with the JavaScript ecosystem, mainly React and Next.js, but I've also worked with Vue.js, Supabase, TypeScript, Laravel (yes, PHP!), NestJS, and WordPress. I have extensive experience with RESTful APIs, GraphQL and NoSQL databases. I am absolutely pumped to work on SQLite on the edge using Cloudflare D1!

At work, I am a solutions architect to ISVs and enterprises, not only working on serverless technologies, but also Laravel, Kubernetes and microservices. I engage in R&D, PoCs, and I work with the various partners to design and develop solutions over proprietary platforms as well as open-source ones. In the past, I've worked in the media industry in print, online and television, on which I used to host a show called Techtree.

I love electronic music, mainly downtempo, ambient and progressive, and also modern electro-pop, house, trance, indie, Indian instrumental classical and world music. You can see what I'm listening to on Spotify or Last.fm.

You can find me as @aalaap on Twitter, GitHub , LinkedIn and plenty of other places or you can email me on aalaap@gmail.com.

I will make my resume available here.