Aalaap Ghag

Getting spam from this domain?

aalaap.com is my personal domain, online since 1997. I used to use it as my primary homepage and for email, but my address was harvested by spammers very early on and it was being used not only to send bulk mail to, but also as a from address in a lot of spam that was sent from elsewhere. I don't know who's sending spam using a spoofed aalaap.com email, but it isn't originating from this domain. There is no email active on this domain. There's no way to figure out who's spamming.

It's been 17 years since this domain has been online and, since then, we have lost the war against spam. We can only filter mail. We'll never be able to stop it completely. If you receive spam from any aalaap.com email address, please use a service such as SpamCop to track and report the abuse to the owners of the offending IP addresses.